5 Best Beginner Friendly Linux Distributions in 2020

Linux world is full of choices. According to Wikipedia, there are almost 600 Linux distributions and around 500 of them are in active development. But this diversity of available distributions confuse newcomers regarding the selection of best one for their daily use. For me also, it took lot of tinkering with many distros to find the major players in the Linux world. So, here is a curated list of Linux distributions, which are easy to use and actively developed.

1. Linux Mint

Linux Mint Cinnamon edition is a popular Linux distribution offering a desktop which looks similar to Windows operating systems. This distro will be the perfect choice for those who are especially coming from the expired Windows 7. Linux Mint is also available in Mate and Xfce flavors, but Cinnamon is modern and widely preferred. Linux Mint is based on the Ubuntu LTS releases. So, you can install all the software packages available for Ubuntu in Linux Mint also.

2. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is the most used Linux distribution with an active community base. Ubuntu offers LTS(Long Term Support) releases and non LTS releases at regular interval. It is suggested to stick with LTS releases as it offers more stability over the other.

3. Elementary OS

Elementary OS

Elementary OS comes with its own desktop environment called ‘Pantheon’ and the focus is on non technical users. The look and feel of the operating system resembles more with macOS. It also have an exclusive app center with free and paid apps. Elementary OS is also based upon the Ubuntu LTS release.

4. Manjaro


Manjaro is a modern distribution which received more attention recently. What makes it different from the above three is that Manjaro follows a rolling release model. Rolling release makes software application updates available as soon as a newer version is available. But the availability of latest version of software may cause random issues in the system, because they undergoes limited testing compared with Ubuntu LTS releases. Manjaro is available in large variety of desktop environments, although it is preferred to stick with the Xfce for stability.

5. deepin


deepin is an elegant and easy to use distribution which comes with its own desktop environment and a set of preinstalled applications. deepin also have a software center with applications including proprietary ones, which you can’t find in other distributions.

MX Linux, Solus OS and Zorin OS are also popular Linux distributions worth considering. So, if you are new to Linux, I suggest you to stick with any of the above distributions.

Which distribution are you interested in? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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