Ubuntu is a popular linux distribution which is known for its user friendliness and community support.There exists a handful of good ubuntu flavors and modifications including the popular linux mint.One of the major problems faced by the users switching to any linux distributions is software management.Linux has a different approach when coming to installing softwares.Here i will introduce ways to install softwares on ubuntu based operating systems


Software centers are the easiest way to manage softwares in any distribution.Recent versions of ubuntu is shipped with gnome software center which make installing and updating softwares fun.Linux mint and other distros like deepin are packed with its own software center.


Synaptic package manager has advanced options and it is available on large number of distributions.Synaptic might not be friendlier to new users.But it is the best if you are an advanced user and need more control over installed softwares.


Even though software managers are enough for a a normal user,it might not be enough if you have to fix errors installing softwares or if you want to stick on command line.You have to fully depend on the terminal if you are in a ssh connection with remote server.Actually,software managers are using apt in the backend and it is the best way if you want to see how actual software installation works.

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