Everyone has confidential data including passwords and identification proofs.Remembering the whole passwords and managing the documents is a tedious task.Thankfully,there are a lot of online services that allow us to securely store our data.It is important to select services which are open source to ensure that our data is safe at the cloud.



"The safest site on the web for storing your text!"-says the homepage of we join on protectedtext,they will provide a url to save and edit your notes.Notes are encrypted using the given password.Password is never stored on their server.If password is lost,then the data cant be decrypted.

  • Ad free
  • Android app available
  • No cookies
  • Completely anonymous

  • "No logging in or out, just close the browser tab and you're safe."

  • Only text data can be uploaded

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Clipperz is an online vault and password manager.It can be used to save both text and documents.Everything is encrypted locally in our browser before transmitting it into the servers. It can be used to save and manage passwords, private notes, credit and debit card details, PINs, software keys etc.

  • Completely anonymous
  • Active development
  • Both text and documents can be saved
  • 2 copies are saved in the main and backup server.
  • Better UI

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Fortnotes is an online password manager based on the AES encryption in the browser.It comes with different templates for savingĀ  kinds of details like email,notes,website logins etc.

  • Ad free
  • No active development
  • Difficult to use the interface

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